Show Us Where You’re Flossing – Enter to Win $200!

Flossing is one of the most beneficial – and easiest – ways to promote oral health. Smile For Life Dental is always encouraging our wonderful patients to live their best lives, which means motivating adults, kids, and families to floss, every day.

As a caring dentist in Elgin, Dr. Dean Lodding is enticing our community to get flossing by running a promotion on Facebook. It is so easy to enter, just plan a creative and fun photo of you and your family (or some friends) flossing. It could be in downtown Chicago, at your favorite Elgin restaurant, at a family gathering, anywhere. Check out this fun family of flossers for inspiration:

Dentist in Elgin Flossing Promotion

The prize is a $200 gift certificate to Ruth Chris. Imagine planning a nice dinner with your family or your friends from your flossing photoshoot. A juicy steak is your reward, just for snapping a picture and entering our contest. To enter, Like us on Facebook at, hit this tab and fill out the form. It’s that easy!

Plan your fun photo today! Flossing is easy and can not only help preserve your oral health, it can help you win a fun night at Ruth Chris, thanks to Smile For Life Dental!