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Did you undergo a root canal a number of years ago, only to have that tooth now fracture and require removal? Learn about dental implants from our Elgin professionals at Smile for Life Dental. Your options aren’t limited to choosing a bridge or partial.

Teeth that have had root canals can fracture more easily than other teeth because they are somewhat “hollowed out”, which obviously has a weakening effect. They can also become somewhat dehydrated, making them as brittle as glass. So if the day comes when you lose that tooth, remember you’re left with several alternatives. Which one will you choose?

In the past, perhaps the best available treatment was to file down and cap the teeth adjacent to the removed tooth, with a “dummy” tooth suspended between to fill the void. The disadvantage of this procedure is that it requires otherwise healthy teeth to be ground down in order to receive the caps that can support the bridge. Additionally, over time the bridge will need replacement, as the unused gum tissue beneath recedes and the fit is no longer secure.

The clear advantage of a dental implant is it doesn’t require other teeth to be ground down to support it, and it stimulates continued bone and tissue growth rather than allowing it to “melt away” through disuse. A dental implant, once placed and crowned, will be as functional and attractive as any natural tooth!

Though the initial investment may be more, dental implants are superior in the long run. Unlike bridges or partials, they should last a lifetime, without requiring removal for special cleanings or modifications. Consult the experts in dental implants for Elgin at Smile for Life Dental, and discover the best smile option for you!

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