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Our Fox Valley dream team is highly experienced and credentialed in all facets of dentistry, from routine oral hygiene and preventative maintenance to tooth restorations and cosmetic dentistry. Our Elgin dentists and hygienists can deliver an exceptional level of service while optimizing the comfort and safety of each and every individual. We take great pride in the quality of care we provide on a daily basis, which is evidenced (both literally and figuratively) by the beautiful smiles of our patients.

The Smile for Life Dental team is led by cosmetic dentist Dean Lodding, DDS, a nationally recognized dentist who provides world-class care. Dr. Lodding is a past President of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) and was granted the President Award by the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH). Smile for Life Dental is the culmination of Dr. Lodding’s decades of experience, and he is proud to have surrounded himself with an exceptional team of individuals who are dedicated to providing top-quality care.

By visiting Smile for Life Dental, you can feel confident knowing our team can provide you with top dental treatments and keep your best interests at heart. We strive to provide unparalleled care in a warm and welcoming office environment. Through friendly service and options like sedation dentistry, we strive to make each patient feel comfortable during their visit.

If you have questions about our treatments or if you would like to learn more about our dentists and staff, we encourage you to explore our website or contact our office directly.

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Our Dental Team


Stephanie,Registered Dental Hygienist

“I have been extremely honored to work alongside Dean Lodding, DDS for many years. Our vision of treating patients with compassion and providing an exceptional dental experience makes my job very rewarding.”

Stephanie is our full-time Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH) who brings over two decades of valuable experience along with training and licenses in local anesthesia and laser dentistry.

She is proud to be a part of the American Academy for Oral and Systemic Health (AAOSH), which promotes patient awareness of the health connection between the mouth and body, and doctor collaboration of related health concerns such as heart disease, diabetes, and pregnancy. She was also thrilled to serve as the 2012/2013 Meeting Chair for AAOSH.

Stephanie holds the Hygiene Membership Chair for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) and has been a member herself for many years. Stephanie was honored to be on the cover of RDH, a national dental hygiene magazine, and writes a series on cosmetic dentistry for RDH.

Stephanie’s goal is to help her Elgin dental patients achieve a healthy and happy “Smile for Life.”


Diane,Registered Dental Hygienist

“I am honored to be practicing in one of the most progressive offices around, where I can use my knowledge and skills along with the latest advances in dental technology. One of my favorite parts of dental hygiene is the opportunity to form relationships with so many wonderful patients.”

Diane has over twenty years of experience, including nitrous oxide administration, soft tissue laser certification and local anesthetic administration. Diane is an Elgin dental hygienist who feels fortunate not only to work side by side with her brother, Dean, but also to work with such a dynamic group of individuals who make up our Smile for Life Dental team.


Dana,Registered Dental Hygienist

“I feel unbelievably blessed to work with such a fun loving team at Smile for Life Dental, we all truly care about each other and share a passion together of making a difference in the lives of our patients. Dr. Lodding is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met, only looking to help others, he goes above and beyond for his patients as well as making sure his staff feels appreciated. We truly are a family at Smile for Life Dental and we all strive to give you, our patients, the best, most comfortable dental care you’ve ever had.”

Dana is appreciated by our patients for her warm smile and gentle, skilled care. She has been a patient of Dr. Lodding since she was in 2nd grade. “Thanks to Dr. Lodding, as kids, my brother and I never had an unpleasant dental visit, we always looked forward to our next appointment.” Dana started at Smile for Life Dental as a hygiene assistant in 2004. She then went to hygiene school at RockValley College out of Rockford, IL and graduated in 2008 as a Registered Dental Hygienist. She is also certified in laser periodontal therapy. Dana has a passion for connecting with her patients and helping them understand and reach optimal oral health. Her main concern is that her patients are comfortable.


Beth,Registered Dental Hygienist

“I am grateful to be a hygienist at Smile for Life Dental. The positive energy, high-quality dental care and technology are amazing. My life is enriched by being part of such an awesome team.”

Beth has over 30 years of experience as a dental hygienist, including soft tissue laser certification and local anesthetic administration. She is a graduate of SIU-C and a member of the Academy of Oral Systemic Health. She has a passion for dental hygiene and loves direct patient care. High-quality dental care and patients being treated like friends are two of her greatest priorities. Together with the team at Smile for Life Dental, her motivation is to make a positive impact on the world one person at a time.

Jen R.

Jen R.,Dental Assistant

“I am very blessed that I found a warm and caring group of people to work with. Dr. Lodding is a fantastic dentist and one of the kindest people I have ever met. Dr. Lodding provides each of us with the highest-quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment. I am proud to help each patient obtain a beautiful smile, one they will enjoy for life!”

Jen is one of our incredible dental assistants. She has been gaining a wealth of experience in the dental field for over twenty years. She has had extensive continuing education, including courses from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, which allows her to offer our patients superlative dental care. Our patients love Jen’s positive attitude and caring, gentle approach.


Andreah,Dental Assistant

“I like to get to know my patients, hearing their stories and treating them like family.”

Andreah is one of our caring dental assistants at Smile for Life. She has received advanced training in orthodontics, surgical procedures, and the treatment of advanced conditions such as sleep apnea and TMJ Disorder. She loves getting to know patients while providing them with a truly spa-like dental experience.


Thammy,Hygienist Assistant

“My favorite part of working at Smile for Life Dental is the people I work with, because I get to learn from everyone and connect on a family level.”

Thammy is one of our hygienist assistants. She loves helping ensure each patient has a superb experience while visiting our office, taking the time to pamper them while also educating them about good oral hygiene habits. She is currently certified in coronal polishing, and she aspires to continue her dental education and further expand her skill set so that she can offer the best possible care for each and every patient she sees.


Kiley,Hygienist Assistant

“Smile for Life offers a friendly environment and we accommodate our patients’ needs to ensure they are comfortable.”

Kylie is a hygienist assistant as well as a licensed aesthetician. Not only does she help our patients maintain beautiful smiles, but she also helps look after their skin health! She is certified in both coronal polishing and microblading. Kiley takes an empathetic approach to care, believing that it is important to make patients feel comfortable while showing them the respect and care they deserve.


Isabella,Hygienist Assistant

“It is a privilege to be surrounded by such amazing people. Drs. Lodding, Schuiling, and Dryer truly give their all to their patients.”

Isabella is one of our talented hygienist assistants. She loves seeing the happiness patients feel after having their smiles transformed. Her current certifications include coronal polishing. She is also a strong proponent of good at-home dental hygiene, and she takes the time to educate her patients about how best to care for their teeth and gums in between professional dental visits.


Kaitlyn,Hygienist Assistant

“I think patients enjoy coming to Smile for Life because of the inviting and relaxing environment, the friendly staff, and the knowledgeable dental team that truly cares.”

Kaitlyn is one of our friendly hygienist assistants, helping to greet patients while ensuring our office remains clean and sterile. She strives to help patients feel comfortable and confident during their visit so that they can enjoy a stress-free experience. Kaitlyn loves seeing happy, healthy, and confident smiles from her patients.


Elle,Hygienist Assistant

“You, the patient, are our main priority. We do everything we can to make your experience as comfortable as possible.”

Elle is one of our wonderful hygienist assistants, helping to keep the office running smoothly while creating a positive and relaxing atmosphere for patients. Some of her duties include taking dental x-rays, cleaning and setting up treatment rooms, and greeting patients. She is passionate about providing those she treats with a stellar experience, and she loves getting to see the joy our team brings people by enhancing their oral health and transforming their smiles.

Meet Our Office Team


Joanna,Practice Manager

“I am constantly amazed at the progressive generations of patients that we see at Smile for Life Dental, from grandparent to child to grandchild. I love the continuing referrals we get from satisfied patients. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of building these long-standing dental care relationships.”

As Smile for Life Dental’s Practice Manager, Joanna oversees the scheduling of treatment, care of the patients, and patient billing. She handles all accounting and financial matters involved in the practice. Joanna serves as Dr. Dean Lodding’s Administrative Assistant, bringing over 30 years of dental office and administrative experience. She has been a part of the Smile for Life Dental team since its inception in 2004.


Maureen,Patient Coordinator

“Working for Dr. Lodding for the last fifteen years has been a very rewarding experience. Dr. Lodding has a great passion for his work as well as for his patients. His caring nature and his zest for life brings a contagious energy to his staff and his patients.”

Maureen, known as “Ree” to our staff and patients, is one of the practice’s Patient Coordinators, and will be happy to schedule your appointments as well as follow up with you the next day to see how you are feeling! Maureen is also the Patient Account Manager and will work with you to help make the treatment you need affordable. She brings over 30 years of dental experience to Smile for Life Dental.


Nancy,Patient Coordinator

“I like to treat our patients as if they were family. From the moment they enter our office, treating them with kindness, understanding, and compassion.”

Nancy is one of Smile for Life Dental’s devoted patient care coordinators, and she goes above and beyond to create a warm and welcoming environment. From greeting guests with a friendly smile to helping them review paperwork and hygiene care information, Nancy is here to help ensure every patient’s dental experience goes as smoothly as possible. In her spare time, she enjoys being with friends and family, attending country music concerts, biking, and visiting fine dining establishments.


Silvana,Patient Coordinator

“I enjoy being around my team, who are now like family. We have grown together to be a solid, strong team all working together to help patients and make people happy.”

Silvana is one of our friendly and knowledgeable patient care coordinators. She loves seeing the confidence that patients gain after our dental team helps them achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. Silvana strives to treat every patient with respect, dignity, and kindness, and she is always happy to provide assistance either over the phone or in-person at the Smile for Life office. When she’s not working, Silvana is passionate about family and cooking, and she enjoys attending her daughters’ softball games.

Meet Our MedSpa Team


Courtney,Licensed Medical Aesthetician & Patient Care Coordinator

“In 2014, I joined the Smile for Life Team, which to date stands as one of my favorite places to be. I feel so blessed to be a part of such an innovative group of professionals that I can also call my friends. My passion lies in the efforts I put forth to go out of my way for others, to make their day a better one, to put a smile on their face. It is such an honor to work for Smile for Life Dental, our office delivers much more than dental expertise… we truly endeavor to connect with our patients through kindness and care.”

Courtney has been a Licensed Medical Aesthetician under the state of Illinois for over a decade. She is devoted to customizing the best experience with a caring and results-driven approach. Her passion in offering a vast level of knowledge and expertise ensures effective and long-lasting improvement for both conditional and age-related aesthetic solutions, leaving the skin healthy, glowing and youthful.

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