Wellness and Dentistry

smilingwoman1Dentists such as Dr. Dean Lodding are able to impact the health of their patients through so much more than a healthy smile. Dr. Lodding works closely with medical doctors through the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health trying to find new ways to educate the public about the health connection between the mouth and body.

Going to the dentist has never been so important because having gum disease can act like a silent disease and crucially damage other parts of your body. According to the President of AAOSH Dr. Dan Sindelar, people with gum disease have a 93% chance of getting diabetes and have a higher risk of obtaining heart disease, strokes, and other critical health concerns.

Dr. Chris Kammer, the founder of AAOSH, says that this is “a whole new world of dentistry,” in which “this is the kind of dentistry that is lifesaving. It’s impactful to your whole body health, and it’s not going away.”

By working with leading medical doctors and dentists through AAOSH, Dr. Lodding has explored the body’s relationship to the mouth and strongly recommends the following healthful tips to his patients.

Forks Over Knives: a healthy diet

  • One of many successful physicians Dr. Lodding works closely with is Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, author of Prevent and Reduce Heart Disease and featured in the documentary Forks Over Knives. One of Dr. Esselstyn’s famous studies is the ability to reverse heart disease. The cure: “A veggie diet will extend life” or eating a plant-based, oil-free diet. Through a 20-year nutritional study, the Cleveland doctor proved that the oils in western foods cause heart disease, but adapting to a plant-based diet stops and reverses the deadly disease. Keeping a healthy diet will also provide you a healthy smile, in which the vegetables do not cause plaque, which can prevent gum disease. Learn more about the oral systemic link with Dr. Esselstyn’s nutritional study.

Keep a healthy mouth during pregnancy

  • Soon-to-be-mothers: It is extremely important to get regular check-ups for your wellness at Dr. Lodding’s dental practice because the health of your mouth can determine your unborn child’s overall health. According to a 2006 study published in the Maternal and Child Health Journal, about 15% of the population at the childbearing age is affected by the destructive form of periodontal disease, and even a higher proportion of pregnant women demonstrating some degree of gum disease. If a pregnant woman has gum disease, her unborn child is more at risk to have a low birth weight, get cavities at an early age, and even can lead to death. It is extremely important to get regular check-ups at Dr. Lodding’s office so you and your baby live a healthy life, free of gum disease.

A healthy mouth can improve your chances for pregnancy

  • Did you know having a healthy mouth can improve your chances on getting pregnant? According to AAOSH, there are hundreds of different types of harmful bacteria living in your mouth! From those billions of bacteria, there are several “intra-oral” bacteria that contribute to difficulty getting pregnant. It’s hard to believe, but as Dr. Kammer says, this kind of link is not going away. However, brushing your teeth regularly can destroy these “intra-oral” bacteria. Brushing your teeth properly can reduce the oral bacteria by 95%. Steven Jaksha from the AAOSH writes, “Tooth brushing can reduce, control and/or maintain a better intra-oral bacterial environment, potentially improving self-induced, chronic disease states, such as periodontal disease.” Save yourself expense, worry, and discomfort by simply flossing and brushing your teeth!

The trigger to a heart attack

  • Gum disease is just a step away from becoming a deadly heart attack. Amy Doneen and Brad Bale from the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center – the leading attack prevention center in the nation – state there is “Level A” evidence (“the best kind of evidence”) that gum disease is independently connected to cardiovascular disease. In other words, gum disease is the trigger to a heart attack. In order to prevent this trigger, the amount of inflammation needs to decrease, which will benefit the blood vessels. Your hygienist can even heed heart attack prevention by simply discussing individual risk factors with patients.

Xylitol: The new hero to fight cavities

  • The word may look scary, but xylitol can save your teeth from cavities. Xylitol is another form of sugar called polyol, which is naturally found in fruits, vegetables, and is even found in sugarless gum. Xylitol will protect the surface of your teeth from bacteria resulting with healthy, cavity-free teeth! According to the AAOSH, the regular use of xylitol will decrease tooth decay by 80%. You can now get straight xylitol from Smile For Life Dental. Check out Dr. Lodding’s blog to learn more.

Probiotics can keep your smile healthy

  • Now there is a way to control the amount of harmful bacteria in your mouth and prevent gum disease: probiotics. Recent studies have shown that probiotics not only help your body’s health, they can also help your oral health. Dr. Jeffrey Hillman – founder of Orgenics – created a product called ProBiora3, which consisted a blend of various probiotics. He tested out his new product on young adults by using it twice daily. Four weeks later, the amount of oral bacteria significantly decreased. There was a healthy balance of bacteria on the teeth and gum surfaces, and the continued use of it naturally whitened teeth. Probiotics can keep your mouth healthy thus maintaining a healthy life.

Dr. Dan Sindelar: “Flossing is the new Viagra!”

  • Did you know flossing can improve your sex life? According to Dr. Sindelar’s book Refresh Life: Oral health is the missing piece, adding years to your life, and improving your overall well-being! Flossing also increases the flow of your circulation system. Better circulation system: better sex life!

Dr. Lodding cares about your wellness, through dentistry, a healthy diet, and an active lifestyle. Dr. Kammer says that “dentistry has become more important than it ever has before.” With Dr. Lodding’s close connection at AAOSH, you can live a healthy life with a healthy smile.

Don’t let oral disease beat you! Call Smile for Life Dental today!