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A great smile is a powerful asset – it can exude confidence, light up a room, or even turn someone’s day around. Unfortunately, many people feel self-conscious about their smile due to the appearance of their teeth. At Smile for Life Dental, Elgin cosmetic dentist Dean Lodding, DDS and our team believe that no one deserves to be embarrassed and/or insecure about their teeth, which is why our practice offers a comprehensive cosmetic dental solution known as a Smile Design. With this advanced technique, you can enjoy a fully revitalized smile that you are proud to put on display!

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What Is a Smile Design?

A Smile Design is a process that involves a customized combination of cosmetic dentistry treatment options intended to improve the overall look and form of the teeth. During the design stage of the procedure, one of our experienced cosmetic dentists will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan consisting of the treatments you select for your Smile Design. Then, we can proceed with addressing the aesthetic dental concerns you would like to improve. Ultimately, a Smile Design can significantly enhance the appearance of your smile and correct perceived dental imperfections with beautiful results.

What Concerns Can a Smile Design Address?

Based on your particular dental needs and concerns, this individualized and inclusive treatment can:

  • Restore damaged teeth 
  • Conceal chips and cracks 
  • Hide gaps and spaces 
  • Straighten misaligned or crowded teeth 
  • Recontour the gumline 
  • Replace missing teeth 
  • Lighten the color of the teeth to resolve stains and yellowing 
  • Improve the appearance of teeth that appear too short or worn down 

What Are My Smile Design Options?

Some of the most common cosmetic dental treatments that typically comprise a Smile Design include:

Our dentist can talk more with you about the dental implant options that are right for your needs once he has examined you during the initial consultation.

What Is Involved with the Smile Design Treatment Process?

To determine which techniques would be most beneficial for your Smile Design, our dentist will first perform a thorough oral evaluation using advanced imaging technology to obtain a precise view of your teeth and gums. Taking into consideration a number of features and characteristics unique to you – such as your eye color, skin tone, gum tissue and lip contour, and facial shape – our doctor will then formulate a personalized strategy that aligns with your ideal smile goals.

We may be able to perform the entire Smile Design procedure in a single appointment; or, it may be necessary to spread out the treatments over a series of staged appointments. Once your teeth are evaluated and the treatment plan is developed, our dentist can recommend the best option for your needs.

From start to finish of the Smile Design process, you will benefit from our dentist’s expertise and experience in cosmetic dentistry combined with the convenience of our on-site ceramist, who is highly skilled in creating custom restorations. Our practice is outfitted with all the amenities necessary to ensure you receive an optimal level of care in a safe and comfortable environment. Ultimately, our aim is to help you achieve a smile that is beautiful, natural-looking, and contagious – a smile you’ll be thrilled to show off for years to come.

How Much Does a Smile Design Cost?

Since a Smile Design is completely dependent on the unique selection of treatments chosen by each patient, the price of this procedure is typically not the same for everyone. The total cost of a Smile Design will be based on factors such as the particular treatments that will be included, fees for dental materials and restorations that may be necessary, the overall complexity of the procedure, whether sedation dentistry options are utilized, and other components.

When your customized Smile Design treatment plan is created during your initial consultation, we will provide you with an estimate of all costs associated with the procedure. We will be happy to talk with you about the array of convenient forms of payment we accept at Smile for Life Dental, and we can answer any questions you may have about dental financing. Our practice works with CareCredit®, one of the largest and most reputable healthcare financing agencies in the nation. CareCredit® offers qualified applicants a variety of affordable financing arrangements that can make Smile Design procedures more suitable for your budget. 

To learn more about the Smile Design process, or if you would like to schedule an appointment at our office, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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