Snore Guards & Night Guards

snoring-300x200Snoring can become much more than a minor inconvenience. Severe snoring has the ability to interrupt and impair your sleep and the sleep of your entire household. Consistent loss of sleep can lead to symptoms such as daytime drowsiness, headaches, or mild cognitive impairment. When left untreated, more severe health risks may develop, such as hypertension, heart disease, or stroke.

Fortunately, a small oral appliance called the Snore Guard® can significantly reduce or even eliminate nighttime snoring. This device prevents the jaw and tongue from dropping back into the throat, keeping the air passage open and unobstructed. The Snore Guard® is safe and can effectively prevent snoring the very first night you use it, allowing you and your loved ones to immediately get the rest you need. Many of our patients find that after achieving better sleep with the Snore Guard®, their overall quality of life also improves.

Protect Your Teeth with Night Guards

mouthguardClenching or grinding your teeth at night can wear down the teeth, build up facial muscle tension, and lead to more complicated health problems such as TMJ Disorder. Night guards act as a protective barrier and can relieve the pain and soreness that results from consistent clenching or grinding. While night guards and NTI appliances help protect your teeth in the short term, they can also provide Dr. Dean Lodding and our dentists with invaluable information about facial muscle placement. Your dentist can evaluate the cause of your clenching, grinding, or muscle spasms in order to focus on relaxing the overactive muscles and eventually achieve a more ideal jaw position. Night guards are worn only while you sleep. The device rests comfortably in the front of the mouth, avoiding the need to reposition the oral appliance in the middle of the night. Night guards are designed to restore the ideal balance of your teeth, jaw, and facial muscles to give you a better night’s sleep and protect your smile.

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