Non-Metal Fillings Protect Structure and Appearance

You want a beautiful, strong smile. Dentistry with non-metal fillings offers a viable alternative to unattractive metal fillings to Elgin and Chicago area patients: tooth-colored resins, also called composite fillings. Composites, if placed with exacting technique, such as rubber dam isolation and modern bonding agents, get as close as possible to restore the tooth to its original strength in the most conservative fashion. The composites are a very hard “plastic” that bonds through micromechanical fusion to the tooth, holding it together. Our Elgin dental office proudly enhances smiles with non-metal fillings.

Metal fillings are like the wedge Dad used to split firewood with. Every time you bite down, you’re driving the wedge further and further into your tooth, causing cracking and splitting.

Metal fillings, called amalgam, had been the dentistry standard for restoring teeth until very recently. Amalgams have multiple disadvantages. Amalgam is a metal which expands and contracts with temperature changes and biting, which are commonplace activities in your mouth. Therefore, teeth with amalgam are routinely being weakened. Over time, and depending on the size of the filling, the tooth becomes susceptible to fracturing.

Our Elgin dentist will happily discuss the importance of upgrading to safer materials. Amalgam also contains mercury which is a very toxic element. The literature is very unclear as to the amount of mercury that is released from amalgams and the long-term effects on the entire body.

Preference for composite materials is widely accepted by modern dentists. Elgin cosmetic dentist Dean Lodding artfully performs composite fillings that restore teeth and are nearly indistinguishable. Enhance your smile and discuss your dentistry with non-metal fillings options with Dr. Lodding today!

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