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Measure, evaluate and monitor periodontal disease and oral HPV. Why? The past 10 years have provided much insight on what’s known as the Oral Systemic Link. What is this?

Whether you are aware of it or not, you may have a gum tissue infection ravaging the health of your oral cavity. What starts small can quickly progress to serious. You may be thinking that if you remain unaware of it, how bad could it really be?

Untreated gum tissue infections will progress eventually into what’s known as a periodontal infection. Not only is the probability high at this point that you will lose your natural teeth, but also that the infection will travel to affect other parts of your body.

The National Institute of Health and other research facilities are aggressively pursuing the link between such periodontal infections and systemic diseases. Why? Because statistics show a very real connection between the two. For example, those with chronic periodontal infections appear to be much more likely to then develop heart disease, diabetes, stroke or some forms of cancer. Could that be you?

Interestingly a high percentage of people with periodontal disease are unaware they are carriers! So before assuming you are in the “safe zone”, drop in at Smile for Life Dentalto request more information regarding the Oral Systemic Link and discover what preventative measures you can take! Your loved ones will thank you.

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