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s a premier cosmetic dentist for St. Charles, IL, Dr. Lodding is constantly continuing his education when it comes to full mouth rehabilitation. A person’s mouth can suffer damage or become unsightly for many reasons, whether it be disease, infection, or injury. In a situation where one dental treatment won’t do the trick, a skillfully designed plan may be created by Dr. Lodding to begin a rehabilitation process for your smile.

Only a truly qualified dentist in St. Charles, IL is able to fully reconstruct a smile back to its full functionality and beauty. With a detailed consultation, Dr. Lodding will take into consideration many factors, building a treatment plan that may include a wide range of dental procedures. Like physical therapy of any other part of the body, full mouth rehabilitation is a mapped-out plan that is created specifically for the patient in need. Dental procedures and duration of treatment will be different for each individual. What will be consistent, however, is that anyone can have a fully reconstructed smile that will have them beaming with excitement.

Full mouth rehabilitation has been known to change the lives of many. We invite you to view our website and showcase to view the work of Dr. Lodding, dentist for St. Charles, IL. To schedule your consultation, call us today!

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