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invisalign02As the very term Invisalign® suggests, Chicago patients can align troublesome teeth with nearly invisible braces. This method, using a series of transparent aligners, is particularly popular among adults who desire to have their teeth straightened, but without an association being drawn to metal braces commonly seen on adolescents.

There are the obvious cosmetic advantages, but can Invisalign® outshine traditional metal braces in other ways? Yes! Clinically, aligners avoid many of the side effects common to traditional fixed appliances. Almost all other types of orthodontic treatments will cause the roots of teeth to shorten, a demineralization of enamel, and/or teeth to decay when food particles are entrapped in the device. Invisalign® offers Chicago patients a healthier option. Unlike traditional braces, aligners are easily removed when a person desires to eat, drink, or brush their teeth. This allows an upkeep of oral health, superior to that of traditional braces.

An added bonus for patients using the removable aligners is there are no food restrictions like those specified to patients with metal braces.

Interestingly, a large-scale study of 408 patients with traditional braces in Indiana, USA, showed on average it took 36 months to reach treatment completion. Invisalign®, in comparison, required 12-18 months. What makes this possible?

At Smile for Life Dental, we can start by taking your dental impressions, dental images, and photographs. These can then be submitted to Align Technology, allowing for a 3-D model to be created. A treatment plan will be mapped out demonstrating each progressive stage. Once the plan has been approved, a series of implantable-grade polyurethane aligners will be constructed just for you.

Approximately every two weeks, simply graduate to the next prepared aligner. Before long, you’ll have attained that fantasized smile! Of course, the success rate for Invisalign® Chicago patients requires a commitment to wearing the subscribed aligners 20-22 hours per day. Learn more today by consulting our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Dean Lodding!