Creating Amazing, Unique Smiles–Dentist in Elgin

Dentist Elgin Dental needs of every patient are unique. This can include characteristics viewed as positive traits, along with areas we desire to improve. Your dentist in Elgin, Dr. Lodding, can provide you with the help you need to take your smile to the next level. By means of an amazing process called Smile Design, Dr. Lodding will discern your unique features as well as your dental needs, and then work together with you in creating a smile that fits your individual needs the best.

Smile Design is not some mass produced product where you have sizes small, medium or large to choose from, with none of them fitting you properly. It is a work of art that uses a comprehensive and artistic combination of geometry, proportion and color. Dr. Lodding will closely consider your facial characteristics including your age, the shape of your face, eye color, skin tone, lip contour, gum line and natural tooth structure.

He can then combine this information with any perceived deficiencies in your smile you may have. This can include missing teeth; uneven gum lines; teeth that are discolored, crooked, chipped or broken; or large gaps that may be evident between teeth. The result will be a re-designed smile that you are proud to call your own.

Dr. Lodding and his team at Smile for Life Dental can use their extensive experience and the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques to create an amazing, natural-looking smile that fits you and your unique dental needs perfectly. Contact your dentist in Elgin today, and take advantage of what options such as Smile Design, can do for the betterment of you and your unique smile.