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At Smile for Life Dental, we constantly emphasize the importance of the oral systemic link where your oral health directly correlates with your overall health. Studies have shown that periodontal (gum) disease can lead to severe health conditions, including heart disease, stroke, premature birth, and much more!

Now, beating gum disease altogether is becoming possible every day, especially with this new study. Performed at the University of Michigan, scientists have discovered the culprit that causes gum disease and how it triggers proteins in our mouths to destroy more jaw bone.

Gum Disease Culprit: Destroying Much More Than Our Smiles

For decades, we have known bacteria are responsible for gum disease. However, we did not know the specific bacterium, until now. This identification is a major discovery for dentistry because it “could help personalized therapy for patients.”

Additionally, this bacterium (called NI1060) causes more harm to your smile by triggering a protective protein in the oral cavity (Nod1) to turn “traitorous and actually trigger bone destroying cells.”

“It [Nod1] also removes harmful bacteria during infection. However, in the case of periodontitis, accumulation of NI1060 stimulates Nod1 to trigger neutrophils and osteoclasts, which are cells that destroy bone in the oral cavity.” Noahiro Inohara, research associate professor at the U-M Health System, said.

Dentistry: More Crucial Than Ever

Dentistry is becoming more part of the medical field every day. It’s important to visit us on a regular basis because we approach your dentistry as a whole, not just your smile.

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