Low Vitamin-B6 may Inflame Geneva Dental Patients

Eat your vegetables! Vitamin B-6 and Geneva dental care.Your Geneva dental expert invites you to have a look in the mirror and at your medical history. Are your gums inflamed and sore? Do complaints to the doctor generally center on slow healing or chronic inflammation? Here’s a medical finding just for you:

Published in the Journal of Nutrition, the Framingham Offspring study of 2,229 adults displayed the results of their investigation into whether a link exists between low levels of vitamin B6 and inflammation. What was their discovery?

Those who had the highest blood levels of vitamin B6 had the lowest levels of chronic inflammation, and the reverse proved true as well. Low levels of B6 meant high levels of inflammation. What recommendation resulted?

If you suffer chronic inflammation, consider introducing more vitamin B6 into your diet. It can be found in lean chicken breast, hamburger, fish and very affordable legumes and pinto beans. Vegetables like red peppers and potatoes offer a ready source as well.

Gingival inflammation is nothing to sneeze at; it can lead to tooth loss and tremendous health complications. Our Geneva dental patients receive only the most competent care atSmile for Life Dental so make your appointment today to keep your smile a healthy one!