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Clothes become ill fitting when one loses weight, much as dentures do from loss of bone density. Dental implants offer Elgin residents an exciting alternative however! Why not promote the strengthening of your bones rather than contribute to their depletion? How can this be done?

Unlike dentures that put pressure and stress on top of the gums and jaw bone, “in-the-bone” dental implants are actually surrounded by bone, and the chewing forces transfer pressures into the bone, much like teeth do. This action can actually stimulate bone growth and increase their density, rather than allowing it to “melt away” through disuse.

The average lower denture is thought to move about five times more than an upper denture. The more advanced the bone loss beneath the denture, the greater the chance of encountering additional problems such as poor oral muscle coordination, speech difficulties and the inability to keep a denture in place while laughing, sneezing, coughing or eating. How can a dental implant help?

Dental implants offer permanent stability where dentures cannot. Designed with a “root” anchoring an attractive restorationto bone, it can stand alone or if preferred, be used as a support for a partial denture or bridge. No shifting of the implant will occur, nor is removal for cleaning required. This in itself proves it superior to other restorations!

Are you eligible for dental implants in Elgin? Seek the advice of Dr. Lodding at Smile for Life Dental and find greater quality in your life!

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