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If you currently wear traditional dentures and are not happy with them, then you might want to consider placing the gift of dental implants on your Christmas wish list!

Dental implants can be life changing! Through implant placement you restore several functions similar to that of natural teeth and you bring back the ability to taste foods from the palate! If you suffer from loose or poor fitting dentures you may want to consider the options of an implant retained overdenture !  Just think about the taste of something fabulous off the grill without the worries of your denture coming loose!

Implants involve a two step process a surgical placement of the implants and then restoring the implants with porcelain implant crowns! The dental implant cost is very reasonable when you consider they can last a lifetime!

Before you invest in another denture reline or repair  consider making that call to Dr. Dean Lodding at Smile for Life Dental  for your consultation at no charge~to discuss the dental implant options that can work best  for you!!!

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