Dental Implants Thrill Elgin Residents

Dental Implants Elgin A stunning innovation known as dental implants gives Elgin area residents a fantastic alternative for replacing missing teeth! What do you know about dental implants? Dr. Lodding at Smile for Life Dental has discerned that many patients are reluctant to accept a procedure they’re unfamiliar with, so let’s make it understandable!

A natural tooth consists of two parts: the part you see above your gums (the crown) and the part you don’t see beneath the gums (the root). What keeps your tooth alive? Tiny blood vessels travel into the center of your tooth. When that blood supply is damaged by trauma (for example, a baseball to the mouth) or when an infection invades the area, the root of your tooth can die. If the tooth is extracted a void is left not only above the surface, but also below the gum line through the gum tissue all the way into the jawbone. This section of jawbone was serving as an anchor for your tooth, but without the tooth, that area of now “unneeded” bone begins to “melt away”.

A dental implant by our Elgin dentist can fill that void with something so similar to a natural tooth you’ll forget it isn’t! To replace your absent tooth, we first need to provide an anchoring root. A specialized titanium “root” is fitted into a socket we create in your jaw. Once the bone fuses itself to this implant, the remainder of the “artificial root” is installed. Completing this procedure, you will receive a new crown that looks and functions much like a natural tooth would!

Consult Dr. Lodding to discover more about this attractive, stable, and comfortable option known as dental implants. Elgin area residents really do have something to smile about!