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Are you in need of dental implants? We can help! You may know that losing a tooth can affect things like your confidence and your your overall appearance, but did you also know that losing a tooth can also lead to a loss in bone density in the jaw? Don’t put off fixing your teeth any longer! Set up a consultation with us.

Dr. Lodding works with only the best oral surgeons who have extensive implant experience and offer you the most predictable, successful results.

Dental implants restored by Dr. Lodding are so successful for the vast majority of implant candidates, because they are firmly placed into the bone. This bond, called osseointegration, creates the firmest, most secure base of any tooth replacement option. Once the implant post heals after being placed in the bone, Dr. Lodding can restore the implant by affixing a porcelain crown snugly in place.

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