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Our dentists believe that smoking just before dental implants are placed, and anytime after the procedure, can have a significantly negative effect on a variety of levels. In addition to increasing the risk of infection, smoking may dramatically slow the rate of healing after surgery. Plus, research has shown that there are high implant failure rates among individuals who smoke. Smoking can be detrimental to both soft oral tissues and bone tissue, which can severely impact the potential for successful dental implant outcomes. 

Ultimately, it is because of the many adverse ways that smoking can possibly affect dental implants and a patient’s oral health that our practice advises individuals to be sure they have quit the habit a minimum of one month before the dental implant procedure is scheduled. We also recommend that patients plan ahead and take steps to ensure they won’t start smoking again after the implants have been placed. Quitting smoking is not just important for an individual’s general health—it is also vital for helping to ensure that the dental implants serve as successful missing teeth replacements for many years to come! 

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