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No two patients are alike. Individual have their own unique bacterial profile, brought to light through Oral DNA testing. This test can indicate the type and quantity of bacterium within your oral cavity. Why should this interest you?

Consider the following example. Sally requires a total joint replacement implant. The process is involved and the recovery uncomfortable. Did you know oral bacteria can potentially play interference with the success of such a procedure? Science has shown that harmful bacteria found in a person’s mouth can migrate and result in difficult-to-treat infections and the necessity of removing joint replacements.

Knowing that your mouth is in optimal health will give you and your surgeon peace of mind that everything within your power has been done to make any surgery successful. However, it’s not only those undergoing joint replacement implants that should find Oral DNA testing of interest.

Our teeth play an essential role in our lives. Research indicates inadequate oral health and gum problems may influence the severity of other conditions in our bodies and our overall health. Sufferers of poor oral health have a greater risk of developing heart disease, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Good overall health can certainly begin with our oral and dental health.

A significant advance in dental medicine now means a simple oral DNA test, requiring 30 seconds of swishing with a sterile solution, can produce lab results that’ll shift the focus of future care. We are then able to treat the cause of infection and not just the symptoms.

Ask for more information about the availability and benefits of Oral DNA testing from our Smile for Life Dental experts today!

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