Oral DNA Testing by Dentist Helps Prevent Disease!

Oral DNA Are you aware some people are predisposed to develop gum disease? Are you one of them? Have you heard of Oral DNA testing?

Research indicates that inadequate oral health may influence the severity of other conditions in our bodies and our overall health. If your oral health is poor, you run a greater risk of developing heart disease, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease and stroke. How can you prevent oral health issues?

It is probably safe to say the majority of the population already recognizes regular brushing and flossing are essential components in the preservation of teeth and gums. What some may not realize is that each individual has his or her own unique bacterial profile. Some carry a gene that places them at far greater risk for developing gum disease. Dr. Lodding at Smile for Life Dental knows if this is the case, a more proactive or aggressive approach is needed in treating any periodontal infections that may develop.

Through Oral DNA testing, the bacteria responsible for infecting the gum tissue can be identified and targeted. By treating it quickly and effectively, it prevents further complications to an individual’s overall health.

Oral DNA testing is quick and painless, yet can reveal so much! Be sure to request further information during your next Smile for Life Dental appointment!