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Maintain your healthy lifestyle with Oral DNA testing

Yes, the American Association for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH) has a long name, but also shares in extending human lifespans! Through pain-free oral DNA and cancer screenings, accompanied by thorough examinations of the mouth’s tissues, information essential to your health can be gained and acted upon.

Believing everyone deserves not only a beautiful smile but also a healthy body, Dr. Lodding and Smile for Life Dental hygienist Stephanie are dedicated and active participants in AAOSH. What exactly is AAOSH?

The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health is a network of both medical and dental health care leaders intent on bringing to light how interconnected the health of an individual’s mouth is with their overall health. For example, diabetes can trigger severe dental health issues requiring careful monitoring. So communication between your medical professional and your dentist can be a key to preserving the life of your teeth. On the other hand, during a routine dental exam your dentist may discover evidence indicating you have diabetes, and therefore alert you to seek further attention from a medical practitioner.

This is just one simple example illustrating the importance of cognizance and communication between dental and medical providers. Stephanie had the privilege of chairing the 2012 meeting of AAOSH and the following quotes reveal the benefits others recognized, not only as health care providers but also subsequently as their patients:

“Our future is bright…[having]set a standard for others to follow…Thank you for all that each of you is doing for the health of our patients and for this significant relationship with our physician colleagues. We are elevat[ing] the profession of dentistry to where it needs to be: a general health care profession.”–Dr.Tom

With early detection being vital for receiving the best medical outcomes, accept Oral DNA testing and other services provided for your benefit at Smile for Life Dental. Join us now!

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