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Taralyn D. first came into Smile for Life Dental with tears streaming down her face.

The pain and sensitivity she had been enduring on the left side of her mouth was just too much handle; that, and the sinus infections and migraines that came along with it.

Everyone was super sweet and when I came in, and they were really sympathetic to my problem,” she says.

She sought our help and we were more than happy to do everything we could. Taralyn had a consultation with Dr. Lodding about possible solutions to her oral problem, and that’s when we learned how severe the issue had become.

For two years, every time I drank something it had to be room temperature,” she says. Otherwise, she would experience excruciating pain.

As you can imagine, this malady would be extremely difficult for anyone to live with.

It turns out the pain was being compounded due to an incorrectly performed root canal and crown placement by another dentist a few months prior to seeing Dr. Lodding in December.

Once she came in, we were able to evaluate her case and recommend a treatment plan consisting of deep cleanings and periodontal therapy.

A few visits later, she was feeling like she had never felt in years – better.

After years of daily battle with pain and migraines, she was finally able to eat comfortably, and live happily with peace of mind and body.

Now I get my teeth cleaned every three months,” Taralyn says, excited at the prospect of remaining in the best dental health possible.

There’s another interesting caveat to the story: Taralyn says the treatment she received directly affected her fertility. Shortly after the Smile for Life Dental team restored her oral hygiene and took away the stress from the pain, she was able to successfully get pregnant after trying for almost two years.

She is happily expecting a little girl, but the team insists that the name, “Dean” shouldn’t be left out of the baby-name discussion.

As you can see, the oral-systemic health link is indeed real and oral hygiene is extremely important to maintain.

To learn more about the oral-systemic health link and how we can help improve not only your dental health, but your overall health, contact us today. Dr. Dean Lodding is the finest cosmetic dentist in Elgin, IL and we always seek to give our patients not only excellent health but an amazing experience every time they come to Smile for Life Dental.

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