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According to the American Diabetes Association, 25.8 million children and adults in the United States (8.3% of the population) have diabetes. Diabetes is a lifelong, fatal disease. It not only can end lives, it can also lead to other health disorders including heart disease, obesity, and advanced forms of periodontal disease.

For the rest of their lives, diabetics have to be acutely aware of the foods they ingest to keep their sugar levels under control. Thankfully, this blog post by Jon Clain introduces natural remedies to help combat against diabetes.

Diabetes Treatment using Natural Remedies

These natural remedies contain vast amounts of nutrients to cope with the diabetes and keep your body in check. Those remedies include:

  1. Aloe gel – Studies have shown there are anti-diabetic properties in aloe gel to stimulate insulin production.
  2. Fenugreek seeds – These seeds are most efficient in alleviating diabetes symptoms. By consuming these seeds daily, it can significantly lower blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetic patients.
  3. Chapattis – This is the best way to get your fiber in its natural form, which can manage diabetes.
  4. Indian blackberry – These delicious berries are supposed to aid blood sugar levels and enhance blood circulation.
  5. Banaba or Jarul Powder – The Banaba plant contains Corosolic acid, which stimulates glucose metabolism, controlling insulin levels.
  6. Bitter gourd – It may be “bitter,” but this veggie is packed with antioxidants and many micronutrients.
  7. Neem, Tulsi and Bel Patra leaves – These herbs all have medical values to combat against diabetes.

Remedies for Healthy Smiles

If you have diabetes, you are more likely to suffer from serious gum disease and tooth loss than those without the condition. Gum disease can in turn complicate matters by making it even harder to control your diabetes.

If you have diabetes, you face a unique challenge in keeping your oral health in tip-top shape. As an expert cosmetic dentist in Elgin, Dr. Lodding is prominent in examining your smile to ensure it is free from oral diseases.

Dr. Lodding does not solely focus on your smile; he encompasses your overall well-being. Contact us today for our professional help, or if you have any questions about to maintain a happy, healthy mouth.

Share with us. Do you think most diabetics are aware of the potential dangers that their condition can pose on their oral health?

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