Uncover a Silent Killer via the Oral Systemic Link

Oral Systemic Link

Uncover a Silent Killer via the Oral Systemic Link

A silent killer may be lurking in your mouth! Studies show conclusively there is an oral systemic link between chronic oral infections (often unnoticed) and serious health issues developing in seemingly unrelated parts of the body. Why does Smile for Life Dental hope this grabs your attention?

With current estimations indicating that about 75% of the North American population has some form of periodontal disease and is unaware of it, the likelihood that you may be a statistic is alarmingly high! Mild to moderate forms of this disease manifest with symptoms that could easily go unnoticed. If dramatic complications such as abscesses, bone breakdown or oral mucosal lesions occur, this may be the first time an individual is forced to address the issue. Why does Dr. Lodding worry about people who adopt an attitude of complacency regarding regular dental check-ups? How will you benefit from having revealed oral health conditions before they reach a boiling point?

Studies show that untreated oral health issues generate destructive immune responses. Accumulations of bacteria allow a group of lethal anaerobic species to emerge that activates the immunoinflammatory processes within the body.

Conditions such as cardiovascular disease, adverse pregnancy outcomes, diabetes, pneumonia, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease are linked to infections originating within your gum tissues! For example, one study showed patients who have pockets 4mm or greater in just 15% of their gum tissue are more prone to having a heart attack than those whose tissues are healthy!

With modern science bringing to light the serious consequences poor oral health has on the overall health of the human body, Dr. Lodding’s Smile for Life Dental clinic in Elgin has invested in the training and equipment that enables them to screen and treat oral infections before dire consequences develop. Learn more about the oral systemic link by making your appointment today!