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Dr. Lodding is committed to providing the best preventative treatment advanced dentistry has to offer. As an Elgin periodontist providing periodontics with laser therapy, he has increased the ability to serve patients with virtually painless, quick healing and faster acting gum therapy.

Gums benefit from laser treatments because of bacterial decontamination, soft tissue recontouring, tissue and bone regeneration, as well as treating canker and cold sores. After laser treatment for canker sores or cold sores, further instances cannot occur in the same area, while patients enjoy relief in only 1-2 days, versus the 6-8 days without treatment. The laser doesn’t hurt, offering quick, comfortable treatment. Establishing healthy gums and tissue is vital for the entire mouth and overall bodily health, and the laser contributes to successful treatment.

Did YOU know?

In addition to our advanced laser gum treatment, we also provide oral DNA testing. It’s painless and quickly provides information about the known 11 bacteria that cause bone loss and gum disease, even heart disease. Why wait for serious problems to arise, when we can screen for and treat infection proactively? Avoid unwarranted damage and more invasive treatments by putting your periodontal health at the forefront, with your Elgin periodontist.

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