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* Part 2 of a 3 part series*

You want to cosmetically enhance your smile, but you don’t want the commitment that porcelain veneers would need. In the preparation process for porcelain veneers, a portion of each tooth is permanently reduced and this cannot be reversed.  But, there is a way to avoid this permanent alteration to your teeth and still have the beautiful smile you want.

What are prepless veneers?

Prepless or no-prep veneers in the hands of a highly-skilled dentist like Dr. Lodding can provide all the beauty of regular veneers, but with the virtue of being reversible khgqudd.  If you choose to have your prepless veneers removed, your natural teeth will look the same as they did before the veneer placement. Veneers can be applied to just one tooth or to several front-facing teeth. Similar to a cosmetic fingernail, the veneer completely covers underlying teeth, fills unsightly gaps, lengthens short or stubby teeth, straightens crooked teeth and in general, creates a more attractive smile.

How are prepless veneers applied?
The process for creation of the veneers is virtually the same as the process we described in the first blog post in our series on veneers – starting with a comprehensive smile analysis, the creation of prototypes to “try on” your new smile, (skipping step 3 on tooth preparation), creation of the final veneers and placement over your teeth. They are bonded over the surface of your natural teeth providing a new surface that is more aesthetically pleasing in color, shape and size.

Who should use prepless veneers?
It’s true that prepless veneers are not for everyone. Teeth that are already relatively large or positioned forward are not benefited by adding another layer of thickness. But there are many situations where prepless veneers can be the right solution.

  • Patients who have relatively small teeth that need enlarging and enhancing.
  • Orthodontic cases that involved the extraction of teeth to solve crowding.
  • Short, worn teeth. Prepless veneers can turn back the clock to younger looking teeth.
  • Narrow smiles with inward slanting teeth on the sides.
  • Teeth that need to be more visually present for aesthetic reasons. For example to balance large lips.
  • Teeth that are genetically misshapen.

How do I know which to choose?
Actually, Dr. Lodding will be able to tell you if you are a good candidate for prepless veneers, or if other options would be better in your case. Part of the advanced training for prepless veneers involves the very important aspect of proper case selection. At Smile for Life Dental we know that not every case lends itself to a prepless approach, but when it does, the results can be beautiful and durable in the hands of a skilled cosmetic dentist  like Dr. Lodding – with the added benefit of being reversible.

Making over your smile is a commitment that takes careful thought and collaboration with your Elgin cosmetic dentist. Smile your best with prepless veneers by Dr. Lodding.  Contact us or call us today at (847)697-1111 to make an appointment for your smile consultation. Your new smile is waiting!

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