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Crowns are restorations that dentists in St. Charles and Elgin choose to bring strength and vitality back to your smile. If you have a worn crown or would like to replace a metallic one that is showing at the gum line, Dr. Dean Lodding can astound you with a beautiful porcelain crown!

You can turn to any dentist near St. Charles to get your crowns restored and placed. However, many dentists use dental labs to develop crowns, which are usually located out of state. Once the crown comes back to the office, there’s the possibility the crown is not fully customized to the patient’s smile. Then, the dentist either has the choice to place the imperfect crown or send it back to the dental lab, which could take another few weeks – even months — to build a new one.

At Smile for Life Dental, we are proud to have an in-office ceramist, giving you the convenience to have your restorations crafted right here in the office. Our certified master ceramist, Jeff, is a true “artist extraordinaire.” He crafts beautiful, lifelike porcelain restorations transforming worn smiles into masterpieces.

When your natural looking crowns are crafted and ready to be placed, Jeff will be right there during the placement to make sure your crowns blend perfectly with your smile. He will check to make sure it matches with your bite; it blends with your teeth; and you absolutely love it.

With an in-office ceramist, all communication is direct and you won’t have to wait months to get your brand new crown crafted. We truly want your visit to be convenient and comfortable as possible, and we’re confident our master ceramist can craft the smile of your dreams.

Learn more about porcelain crowns, and how they retain an impeccably natural appearance by contacting our office today!

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