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At <a href="http://www visit this”>Smile for Life Dental, Dr. Dean Lodding doesn’t merely focus on your oral health; he includes your overall health during your dental treatment. Studies have indicated there’s a health connection between the mouth and body where the bacteria from periodontal disease can harm other parts of your body, increasing your risk for serious illnesses including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and much more.
Eat healthy

Having a healthy diet can make a significant impact on your oral health just as much as brushing, flossing, and visiting your wellness dentist in Elgin regularly. Nutrients such as protein, vitamin A, C, and D nourish your entire body including your teeth. It can be difficult to incorporate all these nutrients into your daily diet, but luckily, there are countless recipe blogs on the Internet to get the juices flowing. One particular blogger, Gaby Dalkin, creates excellent healthy meals to get all your nutrients in one package.
BBQ Chicken Quinoa Salad

One of her recipes is the BBQ chicken quinoa salad, which is delicious, nutritious, and packs a zesty punch. Your smile will thank you for this recipe because it’s packed with the mother lode of nutrients from the quinoa, chicken, corn, avocado, and cheese. Read Mrs. Dalkin’s blog to expertly craft this luscious salad by clicking here.

How it helps your smile
Quinoa and chicken contain massive amounts of protein, which helps promote strong bones. The vegetables in this salad contain vast amounts of vitamins, which massages your gums, produces salvia, and cleans your teeth. Cheese provides calcium, which helps make teeth strong, and it contains casein, a protein reducing cavity formation.

A healthy diet beckons for a healthy smile! Not only will you feel good about yourself, your smile will feel and look great!

What are your favorite recipes? Did you enjoy the BBQ chicken quinoa salad? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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