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Are you aware a visit to our dental office could actually help save the life of yourself or a loved one? Our commitment extends beyond helping you achieve healthy teeth and a Hollywood smile. We also take very seriously our obligation to assist you in fighting against the progression of a mostly unseen enemy— oral cancer.

The Oral Cancer Foundation reports some sobering statistics about oral cancer:

  • Close to 42,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer this year.
  • It will cause over 8,000 deaths killing roughly 1 person per hour, 24 hours per day.
  • Of the 42,000 newly diagnosed individuals, only 57 percent will be alive in 5 years.

It also reveals a very important factor to consider.

Historically the death rate associated with this cancer is particularly high not because it is hard to diagnose, but due to late discovery.

Take Preventative Action Now

What makes oral cancer particularly dangerous is that its beginning stages are often not visible to the naked eye, and frequently flourishes without producing immediately recognizable symptoms or pain.

Regular dental appointments with us are so important for this reason We employ a revolutionary instrument called the VELscope Oral Cancer Screening in our dental office in Elgin, IL, which emits a blue light along the inside of your mouth and throat. This quick, painless procedure can effectively identify any contrasts between healthy tissue and mucosal abnormalities in their earliest forms.

What does this mean for you? If by chance you have developed oral cancer, we can help you detect it at its initial stage. Appropriate treatment can then be provided before the cancer has an opportunity to significantly progress. Early diagnosis and treatment significantly increase your chances of successfully winning any war against oral cancer.

If you have noticed any significant changes in your mouth, in color, or the development of sores or skin patches that seem to persist after even a couple weeks, don’t delay in contacting us.

Share this information with your friends and make that all-important oral cancer screening appointment today, it could actually help save lives. Smile proudly for many years to come!

Do you think most people are aware that oral cancer screening is available by their elite dental professionals?

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