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For some, there are few subjects that conjure up stress and anxiety like the thought of going to the dentist. But Dr. Lodding DDS is putting Elgin dental patients at ease with the help of empathetic service and modern dental technology.

What crosses your mind when you envision a relaxing visit to the dentist? If it involves refreshments, aroma therapy, heated towels, body pillows, warm blankets, extremely comfortable chairs, with numerous CD and DVD selections, Smile for Life Dental is the right place for you.

Dr. Lodding also employs modern services including digital imaging, painless dental lasers, pain-free Velscope Oral Cancer Screening technology and highly advanced neuromuscular technology for TMJ treatment. He also makes use of an intra-oral camera that allows you to see what he sees in your mouth, including any problems you may have with your oral health.

But if, for whatever reason, these amenities are not enough to lower your anxiety level, Dr. Lodding offers the options of either nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation. The advantage of oral conscious sedation is that it involves simply taking a pill upon arrival to the office. During any procedures, you are still able to communicate, though you are completely at ease. It also significantly lowers sensation of pain, enabling routine or extended dental treatments to be carried out in what will feel like just a short period of time.

Thanks in part to modern technology, dentistry has evolved to meet your needs as the patient. Your fears about dental procedures can now be successfully addressed compassionately and effectively by Dr. Lodding DDS. Elgin residents finally have a reason to smile stress free when they entertain the thought of visiting the dentist.

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