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Holidays: The time of year to be festive, merry, and indulge in your favorite holiday treats. While we all love the holiday cheeriness from wine and stained food, these items can dull the brightness and damage your smile. Never fear! You can save your smile over the holiday season by following these tips (cited by before checking up with Dr. Lodding at his dental office in Elgin.

  • Drinking Water: It’ll offset the stains caused by colored foods and white/red wine
  • Eat Strawberries: Inside a strawberry, there’s a substance called malic acid, which acts as a natural at-home whitener removing discoloration on your teeth surfaces.
  • Carry floss: Gorging on your holiday meals can sometimes snag in the crooks of your teeth. Keep your teeth clean and free from periodontal disease with backup floss.
  • Stay Kissable: Have a breath freshener and whitening gel ready to keep your breath and mouth fresh and clean
  • Party Prep: Consistently use whitening toothpaste to brush away stains and keeping your mouth clean.
  • Clean your tongue: Always push yourself to protect your mouth even in unique ways such as using a tongue cleaner. Cleaning your tongue rids plaque, bacteria, and bad breath.

In addition to your preventative visit with Dr. Lodding, these helpful tips add to your holiday cheer by keeping your smile fresh, bright, and clean.

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