Oral Inflammation: Revolutionizing Health Care and Your Life

Wellness DentistryThe world of dentistry is changing. Dentists are not only involved with your oral health; they are becoming more involved with your overall health. Why? Multiple studies have proven there is a correlation between the health of your mouth and body. If you have an infection in your mouth, you are more at risk for serious health concerns such as heart disease and diabetes.

Dr. Lodding focuses on addressing the connection between oral inflammation and overall health with his patients because he cares about their overall well-being. Oral inflammation is the basis of gingivitis and periodontal disease, which is caused by destructive bacteria. When patients get oral inflammation, it dramatically increases the chances of acquiring inflammatory disease such as heart attacks, stroke, kidney disease, sleep apnea, preterm births, and much more. Because of this revolutionary breakthrough, periodontal disease is now considered a medical disease and is revolutionizing healthcare. In fact, one out of three people is a “hyper-responder” to all inflammation, which puts them at the same risk for heart disease as smokers.

Going to the dentists has never become so important, and it’s important to stay educated on this issue. As your partner in wellness dentistry, Dr. Lodding offers many healthy tips to dramatically improve your well-being.

Call Smile For Life Dental today and let Dr. Lodding help you lead a healthy life, free of oral inflammation.