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Have you ever considered obtaining dental implants, but are hesitant because of false rumors that receiving implants are a painful and difficult process? Put those false rumors aside and consider this life changing treatment under the careful care of Dr. Dean Lodding.

Dental implants have exponentially advanced over the years where they acquire a 97-98% success rate. The treatment has become more predictable, it’s painless, and it’s a simple process to endure. As Dr. Lodding says, “We find there’s less problems with implants than any other type of tooth replacement.”

Implants also blend naturally with your smile. Barely anyone will be able to tell if you had a dental implant because it seamlessly blends with your smile. Dental implants play an important role on retaining the strength, integrity and natural appearance of the mouth. They also support bone density and healthy gums. Plus, you can crunch on plenty of fresh vegetables with your dental implants, making a healthy diet easy!

This stable and sturdy treatment can last a lifetime and allow you to smile proudly without the embarrassment of gaps or spaces. Dr. Lodding works with top oral surgeons who can offer the most predictable results of placing your implant. Then, Dr. Lodding can beautifully restore your implant by shaping a porcelain crown snugly in place.

If you are considering dental implants in Elgin, consider Dr. Lodding at Smile for Life Dental. We are confident you can obtain aesthetic pleasing results and will not be afraid to smile proudly.

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