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Heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer — what steps has Dr. Lodding taken to assist you in their prevention? Acquaint yourself now with Oral DNA testing.

Puffy, red gums may seem fairly inconsequential to you, but be warned they can have devastating effects on not only your teeth but also on your overall health. In fact, it could mean your life.

What is an informed dentist like Dr. Lodding doing to help? Smile for Life Dental offers quick, non-invasive tests easily performed during a routine check-up or cleaning appointment. What are they?

One salivary DNA test can identify and measure certain bacteria in your mouth known to cause early stage gum disease. Identifying the bacteria responsible for triggering infections has been invaluable in setting up an effective treatment plan.

Another test will determine if you are an individual highly susceptible to serious gum tissue infections, such as inflammatory periodontal disease. Again, it can do this by identifying the type and concentration of specific perio-pathogenic bacteria.

A third test reveals if you are setting yourself up for HPV-related oral and throat cancers. Screening allows mucosal viral infections that potentially could lead to such cancers to be quickly identified and dealt with.

These chair-side tests require just a simple swishing of a sterile saline solution for 30 seconds, yet they can reveal so much! Probe past surface appearances and request these Oral DNA tests of Dr. Lodding today!

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