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Enjoying adequate, quality sleep is an integral part of feeling healthy and rejuvenated. Yet, snoring can impede good health. Thankfully, your dentist near Geneva has the knowledge and experience to help ensure that your nighttime rest is a positive experience.

Snoring negatively affects the sleep quality of both the actual snorer and those around him or her. Consistently missing valuable rest is dangerous and is a risk factor for hypertension, heart disease and stroke. At Smile for Life Dental, Dr. Lodding offers the snore guard to address this impediment to quality sleep. Used while sleeping, this small, safe appliance is simply placed in the mouth. The effectiveness of this treatment is due to preventing the jaw and tongue from dropping back into the throat and closing off airflow. Keeping this air passage open and unobstructed allows for optimum air intake and greatly reduces the likelihood of snoring.

Removing the snore factor results in better sleep, health and happiness for you and your loved ones. Incredibly, the snore guard starts working from the very first night of using it, providing immediate results. Contact Dr. Lodding at Smile for Life Dental to see firsthand how your dentist near Geneva can provide you and your family with the gift of healthy, uninterrupted sleep.

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