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Hello! My name is Stephanie, and I am going to guest blog for Smile for Life Dental’s blog to introduce the importance of dental hygiene, and how it is now seen as a preventive measure to keep the mouth healthy as well as lower risk of diabetes, pregnancy complications, and heart disease.

Let me introduce myself

Many of you know me as a dental hygienist at Smile for Life Dental, and I am also the founder and dental coach for Now to Wow Hygiene Concepts. I strive to teach other dental practices and their patients the best periodontal healthcare techniques. I have been a hygienist for 21 years and I’m on the Executive Board for the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health. My extensive knowledge in periodontal therapy has earned international recognition where I have lectured to leading dentists and hygienists nationwide.

With this, let’s transition about today’s blog topic: dental care and preventative measures.

I recently lectured at Delta Dental in Missouri as part of the futureFocus 2013 conference, which focuses on the future of health and healthcare benefits. I was honored to be the only dental hygienist speaker and discussed how dental care can play a role in overall health.

If you have not heard about the oral-systemic link, this term refers to the connection between your oral and overall health. For instance, if you have periodontal disease, you are more at risk to severe health risks, including:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Some cancers
  • Premature labor
  • High blood pressure
  • Difficulty becoming pregnant

Preventative care is the key to keep your mouth and body healthy. I have personally seen the effects of healthy periodontal care for patients in need where my patients’ overall health dramatically improved after performing the appropriate periodontal therapy.

Smile For Life Dental sticks to its name!

The concept of the oral systemic link has been integrated into many dental practices. However, Smile For Life Dental goes THE extra mile for our patients to ensure a healthy mouth and body. The team of Dr. Dean Lodding, our leading dentist in Elgin, will educate you and thoroughly examine your oral health to make sure your smile and body are in tip-top shape.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and remember to maintain excellent oral hygiene habits to keep harmful bacteria at bay.

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