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In the past, we have been emphasizing the connection between oral inflammation and overall health where people with periodontal disease have a greater chance of acquiring diseases such as heart attacks, stroke, kidney disease, diabetes, and much more. Recently, WebMD released an article stating researchers may have linked tooth loss as a higher risk to heart disease.

The Study: Revealing the link between tooth loss and heart disease

Researchers gathered their data from nearly 16,000 people in 39 different countries, who had experienced tooth loss and frequent bleeding gums. The researchers discovered that the number of subjects who had fewer teeth than others had an increase in the levels of harmful enzymes, which promotes inflammation and hardening of the arteries. Additionally, people with fewer teeth had an increase in bad cholesterol levels, high blood sugar, blood pressure, and waist size.

There were also signs of increasing risk of diabetes. In every decreased number of teeth, the subjects’ risk of diabetes increased by 11%.

Brush a tooth, save a heart

While the conclusions of this study are still in questioning, this is a breakthrough about the importance of maintaining a healthy smile. As your partner in wellness dentistry, Dr. Dean Lodding utilizes his expertise and technology to plan a customized treatment that will benefit your smile and overall health.

He advises healthy practices including a thorough at-home oral routine (brush and floss), eating a healthy diet, and exercising regularly to achieve an amazing life with a beautiful smile. Contact us today and let Dr. Lodding help you lead an extraordinary life, free from tooth loss, oral inflammation, and other health risks!

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