4 Tooth Deficiencies Resolved by Cosmetic Bonding—Dentist for Barrington IL

Dentist Barrington IL There could be various reasons why an individual is less than thrilled with the quality of their smile. As a highly skilled dentist serving Barrington ILDr. Lodding provides numerous restorative options, including an effective, non-invasive solution called cosmetic bonding.

Bonding uses a composite, tooth colored resin that is placed directly on the tooth and then shaped as required. A high-intensity light is used to cure the resins onto the surface of the tooth within a matter of a few minutes. When the final coat of resin is placed, it’s sculpted and polished to match the color and look of the neighboring teeth, resulting in maximized smile quality. Cosmetic bonding proves effective in resolving tooth deficiencies including:

1. Discoloration or stains on teeth that do not respond to tooth whitening

2. Crooked looking teeth that need to look straighter

3. Teeth with cracks or chips

4. Minor spaces or gaps between teeth that need to be filled

This cost effective choice requires minimal preparation time and does not involve extensive dental work. In fact, the entire cosmetic bonding procedure can often be finished in as little as one visit to Dr. Lodding. Make an appointment atSmile for Life Dental today to see how procedures such as cosmetic bonding can upgrade the quality of your smile sooner than you may have once thought. Your dentist for Barrington IL area residents will be honored to make your smile one that makes you happy.