Understanding The Oral Systemic Link— Smile for Life Dental

Oral Systemic LinkStudies show conclusive evidence that there is an oral systemic link between chronic oral infections and serious health issues that can develop in the body. These can include heart disease, diabetes, strokes and some forms of cancer. That’s why at Smile for Life Dental, our mission extends beyond solely giving patients the appearance of an amazing, healthy smile, but in actually creating one that benefits the mouth-body health link.

Both Dr. Lodding, and Smile for Life Dental hygienist Stephanie, are on the executive board of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH). This network of medical and dental health care leaders are working diligently to change both public and professional awareness of oral health, and its intrinsic connection to the overall health of the body. Dr. Lodding and his team know that being in the dental field is not only about the oral care of their patients, but also about understanding the medical and family history of the patient, along with how to maintain both healthy smiles and bodies.

This is possible utilizing oral DNA testing with our patients, which permits recognition of early gum disease before a patient needs surgery. It also reveals which patients are at risk for other health issues, simply with a quick swish and spit test that is totally easy and completely painless.

Employing modern technology also includes using a velscope in our practice, which permits detecting oral cancer at stage 1 progression instead of discovering it with the naked eye much later at stage 4, as is usual. This technology is saving lives.

Undiagnosed or untreated sleep apnea can also have a negative, even life-threatening affect on the health of the patient. At Smile for Life Dental, we have sleep testing available in the office and can, with proper diagnosis and treatment, literally change your quality of sleep overnight.

Dr. Lodding and his team have the expertise and modern equipment to provide you with exactly what your sound mouth and body need. Contact us today to learn more about the oral systemic link, and how you can achieve a genuinely healthy smile.