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How to Fix a Chipped Tooth

Even the smallest chip in a tooth can have a noticeable effect on the appearance of your smile. These very common dental conditions can result from traumatic impact, falls, or trying to open a bottle or a package with your teeth. Thankfully, Dr. Dean Lodding and our experienced team of dentists offer numerous treatments that can address chipped teeth and renew the look of your smile with natural-looking results. A chipped tooth can often cause... Continue Reading

In-Office BOTOX® Injections for TMJ Disorder and Facial Rejuvenation

Smile for Life Dental recently welcomed a skilled new dentist to our team, Dr. Gabrielle Chevance, who is extensively trained in administering BOTOX® injections and other injectable options. Dr. Chevance offers BOTOX® injections for the treatment of TMJ Disorder, as well as for patients who would like to reduce signs of facial aging and achieve a more youthful appearance. These procedures can be performed right here at our office, without the need to refer you... Continue Reading

Use Your 2015 Dental Benefits Before They’re Gone!

It’s almost the end of October – benefit from your benefits before the year runs out! Now is the time for you to plan to complete any proposed dental treatment prior to the end of the year. Please contact our Elgin dentist office if you have any of the following: Unused insurance benefits. Unused flexible spending funds. Proposed treatment for which payment would contribute to medical tax deductions. At Smile for Life Dental, our goal is... Continue Reading

Is Your Toothbrush Making You Sick?

The flu-bug is going around, and your immune system may not be the one to blame. Did you know your toothbrush is just as guilty to make you sick? The “Lighting Rod” for Dangerous Viruses This is where changing your toothbrush regularly becomes vital. When a toothbrush becomes contaminated, it can carry many diseases, including: Influenza Bacteria from E. Coli Strep Germs What can be done? Many worldwide dentists advise to: Never share your toothbrush... Continue Reading

4 Reasons to Baby Your Teeth During Pregnancy

You're having a baby! Excitedly, you contacted friends and family to share the life-changing news, but did you also remember to call your Elgin dentist, Dr. Dean Lodding? You might wonder, “What does my dentist have to do with our new addition to the family?” More than you might realize. The Oral Systemic Link An important facet of caring and planning for your new bundle of joy involves maintaining your own health, before and during... Continue Reading

Oral Health and Throat Cancer—Is There a Link?

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According to a recent study published in Cancer Prevention Research, your chances of developing throat cancer may be linked to the quality of your oral health. Researchers in Houston analyzed data collected from a National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and reported infection from the oral human papillomavirus (HPV)—a main cause of throat cancer—could be related to gum disease and other conditions brought on by poor oral health. What is throat cancer? Throat... Continue Reading

Get a Free Recipe E-Book From the AACD!

Whether you are a Paleo Diet fiend or converted to the Vegetarian Diet, consider some important ingredients that are excellent smile boosters. Free Recipe E-Book The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry whipped up a e-book, featuring healthy recipes for your smile. This book covers all the essential ingredients for delicious meals. “To have a great smile, a diet rich in nutrient-dense foods will be your best ally,” said nutritionist Karen Krchma. “This booklet provides a... Continue Reading

Your Feedback is Important to Us!

Smiling woman sitting in car

“Enhancing the smiles and lives of my patients is my passion.” These are the words Dr. Dean Lodding and our team live by when it comes to caring for your smile and overall well-being. “Dr. Lodding and his staff are very warm and very professional from the front desk to the back of the office.” – Beckie B. At Smile for Life Dental, our dentists in Elgin are always trying to find new ways to... Continue Reading

Save a Life: Know the Signs of a Stroke

You’ve heard us emphasize the importance of the oral systemic link, which is why we are sharing this important news! You can save a life by knowing the indicators of a stroke. A neurologist can reverse the effects of a stroke if that victim gets to the doctor within 3 hours. The trick is to know the signs!   Identifying a Stroke Please take a minute... Continue Reading

February is American Heart Month

Every year, 600,000 Americans die from heart disease, becoming the number one killer among women and men. Heart disease is known as the “Silent Killer” because of its practically nonexistent symptoms, and many organizations have invested massive research to preventing heart disease. In honor of American Heart Month, we would like to highlight one movement that has made tremendous strides in the fight against heart disease, saving 330 women’s lives every day—National Wear Red Day.... Continue Reading