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Wellness Dentistry

In-Office BOTOX® Injections for TMJ Disorder and Facial Rejuvenation

Smile for Life Dental recently welcomed a skilled new dentist to our team, Dr. Gabrielle Chevance, who is extensively trained in administering BOTOX® injections and other injectable options. Dr. Chevance offers BOTOX® injections for the treatment of TMJ Disorder, as well as for patients who would like to reduce signs of facial aging and achieve a more youthful appearance. These procedures can be performed right here at our office, without the need to refer you... Continue Reading

Is Your Toothbrush Making You Sick?

The flu-bug is going around, and your immune system may not be the one to blame. Did you know your toothbrush is just as guilty to make you sick? The “Lighting Rod” for Dangerous Viruses This is where changing your toothbrush regularly becomes vital. When a toothbrush becomes contaminated, it can carry many diseases, including: Influenza Bacteria from E. Coli Strep Germs What can be done? Many worldwide dentists advise to: Never share your toothbrush... Continue Reading

A Patient’s Powerful Story

Taralyn D. first came into Smile for Life Dental with tears streaming down her face. The pain and sensitivity she had been enduring on the left side of her mouth was just too much handle; that, and the sinus infections and migraines that came along with it. “Everyone was super sweet and when I came in, and they were really sympathetic to my problem,” she says. She sought our help and we were more than... Continue Reading

Probiotics Ensure Your Mouth Stays Healthy

As health science research in the field of dentistry continues to advance, the relationship between the body's oral and overall health continues to become more evident. What we do (or don't do) to take care of our mouths and teeth can have a direct impact on the rest of our bodies. Recent research has shown that probiotics are extremely beneficial to both oral and overall health and are an especially great weapon in the fight... Continue Reading

How Gum Disease Wreaks Havoc in Your Smile

At Smile for Life Dental, we constantly emphasize the importance of the oral systemic link where your oral health directly correlates with your overall health. Studies have shown that periodontal (gum) disease can lead to severe health conditions, including heart disease, stroke, premature birth, and much more! Now, beating gum disease altogether is becoming possible every day, especially with this new study. Performed at the University of Michigan, scientists have discovered the culprit that causes... Continue Reading

Guest Blogger Explains the Role Between Dental Care and Overall Health

Hello! My name is Stephanie, and I am going to guest blog for Smile for Life Dental’s blog to introduce the importance of dental hygiene, and how it is now seen as a preventive measure to keep the mouth healthy as well as lower risk of diabetes, pregnancy complications, and heart disease. Let me introduce myself Many of you know me as a dental hygienist at Smile for Life Dental, and I am also the... Continue Reading

Are You a Paleo Diet Fiend?

The Paleo Diet has been a worldwide phenomenon, promoting weight loss and bettering your overall health. What is the Paleo Diet? In short, “you have to eat like our stone-aged ancestors.” It is based upon eating wholesome, contemporary, and fresh foods that cavemen used to thrive on during the Paleolithic era. The popularity of the Paleo Diet has thrived, and Dr. Oz is really pumping the importance of this protein-packed diet, promising big results. What are the... Continue Reading

Natural Remedies To Combat Diabetes and Keep Smiles Healthy

According to the American Diabetes Association, 25.8 million children and adults in the United States (8.3% of the population) have diabetes. Diabetes is a lifelong, fatal disease. It not only can end lives, it can also lead to other health disorders including heart disease, obesity, and advanced forms of periodontal disease. For the rest of their lives, diabetics have to be acutely aware of the foods they ingest to keep their sugar levels under control. Thankfully,... Continue Reading

How Your Next Dental Visit Could Save Your Life

Are you aware a visit to our dental office could actually help save the life of yourself or a loved one? Our commitment extends beyond helping you achieve healthy teeth and a Hollywood smile. We also take very seriously our obligation to assist you in fighting against the progression of a mostly unseen enemy— oral cancer. The Startling Statistics About Oral Cancer The Oral Cancer Foundation reports some sobering statistics about oral cancer: Close to 42,000... Continue Reading

New Study: Tooth Loss May Be Linked to Higher Risk of Heart Disease

In the past, we have been emphasizing the connection between oral inflammation and overall health where people with periodontal disease have a greater chance of acquiring diseases such as heart attacks, stroke, kidney disease, diabetes, and much more. Recently, WebMD released an article stating researchers may have linked tooth loss as a higher risk to heart disease. The Study: Revealing the link between tooth loss and heart disease Researchers gathered their data from nearly 16,000... Continue Reading