Oral DNA Testing

How Your Next Dental Visit Could Save Your Life

Are you aware a visit to our dental office could actually help save the life of yourself or a loved one? Our commitment extends beyond helping you achieve healthy teeth and a Hollywood smile. We also take very seriously our obligation to assist you in fighting against the progression of a mostly unseen enemy— oral cancer. The Startling Statistics About Oral Cancer The Oral Cancer Foundation reports some sobering statistics about oral cancer: Close to 42,000... Continue Reading

Pro-active Oral DNA Testing Protects Patients

<img class="size-large wp-image-713" title="Healthy" src="http://www click over here now.drdeanlodding.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Oral-DNA-1024x682.jpg" alt="Maintain your healthy lifestyle with Oral DNA testing" width="1024" height="682" />Maintain your healthy lifestyle with Oral DNA testing Yes, the American Association for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH) has a long name, but also shares in extending human lifespans! Through pain-free oral DNA and cancer screenings, accompanied by thorough examinations of the mouth’s tissues, information essential to your health can be gained and acted upon. Believing everyone deserves not... Continue Reading

Escape Operative Complications with Oral DNA Testing

No two patients are alike. Individual have their own unique bacterial profile, brought to light through Oral DNA testing. This test can indicate the type and quantity of bacterium within your oral cavity. Why should this interest you? Consider the following example. Sally requires a total joint replacement implant. The process is involved and the recovery uncomfortable. Did you know oral bacteria can potentially play interference... Continue Reading

3 Tests to Assess Dangerous Oral DNA

Heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer — what steps has Dr. Lodding taken to assist you in their prevention? Acquaint yourself now with Oral DNA testing. Puffy, red gums may seem fairly inconsequential to you, but be warned they can have devastating effects on not only your teeth but also on your overall health. In fact, it could mean your life. What is an informed dentist like Dr. Lodding doing to help? Smile for Life Dental... Continue Reading

Oral DNA Testing by Dentist Helps Prevent Disease!

Are you aware some people are predisposed to develop gum disease? Are you one of them? Have you heard of Oral DNA testing? Research indicates that inadequate oral health may influence the severity of other conditions in our bodies and our overall health. If your oral health is poor, you run a greater risk of developing heart disease, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease and stroke. How can you prevent oral health issues? It is probably safe... Continue Reading

Oral DNA Testing Permits Periodontal Breakthrough!

Are you predisposed to periodontal issues? Does it matter if you are? Learn how oral DNA testing by our Smile for Life Dental professionals can save you some literal heartache! It’s estimated that as many as 90% of the American population suffer some form of periodontal disease or oral infection, though the majority are unaware of the signs. Of minimal concern to some are their “puffy gums” or the "little bit of bleeding when I brush”; but... Continue Reading

Protect Your Health with Oral DNA Testing

Monitoring the health of your mouth benefits your whole wellness. Dr. Lodding believes in the best preventative care possible, which is why he performs oral DNA testing on your regular hygiene cleanings. These tests are quick, easy and non-invasive, and the information they provide is well worth the test. There are three types of tests that can help Dr. Lodding understand your potential risk for oral cancer or other conditions affected by the oral-systemic link.... Continue Reading