How to Conquer Your Dental Phobia

Phobia: (noun) A marked and persistent fear of a clearly defined object or situation. In this case, fear of dentistry and of receiving dental care. People may go through great lengths to avoid being confronted by their fears or phobias. It may be similar to post-traumatic stress caused by previous traumatic dental experiences. Dentist Chicago | Sedation dentistry is a… Continue Reading

The Whole Unconventional Truth about Dentistry

What do your parents and your Elgin dentist have in common? a) They both are expert health-care providers. b) They both are surprisingly cool and modern. c) They both love you dearly and want what’s best for you. Depending on the type of parents you have, all 3 answers could be right. However, we’ll be politically correct and bet our… Continue Reading

The Summer Super-Mom’s Top 5 Tips!

Summer is a often a wonderful season spent enjoying the company of friends and family in the sun. Of course, those of us with kids know how busy it can be as well. To help those mothers and parents out there stay on their game and make this summer the best ever, we asked the Super-Mom for some help. Here… Continue Reading

3 Smile Deficiencies Resolved by Porcelain Veneers

If there are aspects of your smile that you’re less than thrilled with, consider the highly popular dental solution of porcelain veneers. What makes them such a great option? Veneers can effectively address various concerns with your teeth, and can dramatically transform your somewhat mediocre smile into one with some serious pizzazz. Consider three undesirable smile-inhibitors, and how they can… Continue Reading

Are You Safe, or Will You Be Sorry?

You’re familiar with the saying, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.” But do you actually live by it? We all know we should be playing it safe, especially when it comes to our health, but sometimes it’s easy to forget why we need to be safe, and we end up being sorry. Let us remind you why you want to be safe… Continue Reading

5 FAQs about Sleep Apnea: Can My Dentist Help?

You know your dentist is ever-ready to assist you in maintaining good oral health and spectacular smiles. Were you aware though, that he also has the expertise to help you get relief from the effects of sleep apnea? Consider 5 FAQs about sleep apnea, and the role your dentist plays in treating it. Question #1: What is sleep apnea? Answer:… Continue Reading

What’s Happening to Granny’s Teeth?

It used to be the voice of your mother or grandparent asking, “Did you remember to brush your teeth?” But with those people advancing in their years, a role reversal may have come about. Whether as a result of stroke, Alzheimer’s, or other health complications, the dental care of your loved ones may now be in your hands, and the… Continue Reading

Putting an End to Avoiding the Dentist

What’s holding you back? You’ve heard it before: See your dentist every six months for a preventative visit. So why don’t you? We think we know what may be holding you back, and we can help with that! Money doesn’t grow on trees. What many don’t realize, however, is that there are viable solutions to help limit expenses. This is 2014 and… Continue Reading

3 Healthy Foods Surprisingly Bad for Your Teeth

You know how the old saying goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Is that actually true? Probably not, but many times we can mistake this sort of “common knowledge” for being grounded in truth. With that theme in mind, here are 3 foods you probably thought were in the all-clear category for both your general health and… Continue Reading

Is Your Toothbrush Making You Sick?

The flu-bug is going around, and your immune system may not be the one to blame. Did you know your toothbrush is just as guilty to make you sick? The “Lighting Rod” for Dangerous Viruses This is where changing your toothbrush regularly becomes vital. When a toothbrush becomes contaminated, it can carry many diseases, including: Influenza Bacteria from E. Coli… Continue Reading