Sedation Dentistry

How to Conquer Your Dental Phobia

Phobia: (noun) A marked and persistent fear of a clearly defined object or situation. In this case, fear of dentistry and of receiving dental care. People may go through great lengths to avoid being confronted by their fears or phobias. It may be similar to post-traumatic stress caused by previous traumatic dental experiences. Dentist Chicago | Sedation dentistry is a perfect start for facing your fears! • It RELAXES you • It helps you OVERCOME... Continue Reading

Let Sedation Dentistry Leave the Dentistry To The Dentist

The beautiful and healthy smile of your dreams is available, with comfort and peace of mind. How is this possible? Dr. Lodding welcomes patients to consider sedation dentistry for certain dental procedures. There may be many reasons to make you a viable sedation dentistry candidate in Elgin. Many of Dr. Lodding’s patients have received sedation dentistry for numerous reasons including: A sensitive gag reflex Fear over needles, shots, drills, or pain Bad dental experience in... Continue Reading