Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry: Improving the Quality of Seniors’ Lives

As people get older, there are a number of smile issues that present themselves. Teeth may begin to wear, chip, crack, discolor, stain, experience sensitivity, or need to be removed. However, the fact you're a senior now certainly does not mean your smile is permanently doomed to a life of damage, stains, or missing teeth. Cosmetic Dentistry and Seniors Seniors have every reason to smile when it comes to the modern cosmetic dentistry options available... Continue Reading

Make Great First Impressions With Your Invisalign Smile

Courtesy of: Smile for Life Dental For Elgin Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Dean Lodding is the preferred dentist with years of expertise. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have. We'd be happy to answer all of them and tell you how you can achieve a more magnificent smile with Invisalign.

Some Survey Results that May Surprise You

An Important Question Take a minute to think about this question: What is more important - a perfect smile or a perfect body? In a recent survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), consumers reported they would pay to fix their teeth before they paid for weight loss help. The survey also had some other interesting figures as well: 80% of people said they would spend money to hide or correct aging flaws.... Continue Reading

Invisalign Teen: The Clear Choice for all Families

When it comes to you and your teenage children, there are things you'll always have a difficult time agreeing on—curfew time, clothing styles, music, and if it's indeed their turn to take the garbage out. Agreeing on Something Finally When it comes to their smile, here's something you can both agree on: A beautiful one can go a long way to giving your teen confidence. That's why we're proud to offer Invisalign Teen as a... Continue Reading

Your Beautiful Crowns Are Designed Right In The Office

Crowns are restorations that dentists in St. Charles and Elgin choose to bring strength and vitality back to your smile. If you have a worn crown or would like to replace a metallic one that is showing at the gum line, Dr. Dean Lodding can astound you with a beautiful porcelain crown! You can turn to any dentist near St. Charles to get your crowns restored and placed. However, many dentists use dental labs to... Continue Reading

Tie the Knot With A Glowing Smile

Did you know December is one of the popular months to get engaged? Were you one of those lucky individuals? You took the time to celebrate, but now is the time to start planning for that big day. Along with picking out the wedding dress and deciding the venue, make sure you schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation with your dentist in Elgin to have a glowing white smile for that big day! All eyes will... Continue Reading

An Ever-Ready Smile from your Dentist in the Barrington IL area

You just never know when life is going to hand you one of those special moments that you remember forever. Your dentist in the Barrington IL area can make sure that your smile is always at its shining best, ready and waiting for when you need it most. Exactly how can your dentist do that for you? The fact is that the natural beauty of our teeth fades with time. Teeth chip, crack, wear, discolor and... Continue Reading

4 Tooth Deficiencies Resolved by Cosmetic Bonding—Dentist for Barrington IL

There could be various reasons why an individual is less than thrilled with the quality of their smile. As a highly skilled dentist serving Barrington IL, Dr. Lodding provides numerous restorative options, including an effective, non-invasive solution called cosmetic bonding. Bonding uses a composite, tooth colored resin that is placed directly on the tooth and then shaped as required. A high-intensity light is used to cure the resins onto the surface of the tooth within a matter... Continue Reading

3 Ways To Acquire The Wow Factor In Your Smile—Cosmetic Dentistry in Elgin

Wow! It catches your eye immediately. Whether it's that sleek sports car or the perfect little black dress, it stands out from the crowd. Cosmetic dentistry in Elgin can help you acquire that same wow factor in your smile through modern, life changing dental options. Dr. Lodding, at Smile for Life Dental, offers several cosmetic dentistry services that can address the unique needs of you and your teeth. Consider 3 popular and effective options: 1. Dental Implants—The superior option... Continue Reading

A Smile Makeover in Elgin

“I hate my smile!”…have you said it? Maybe it’s the gap between your teeth or a lack of whiteness that has you scowling in the mirror. Whatever the reason, there’s a smile makeover in Elgin calling your name! A healthy, attractive smile is an important facet of life. It has an impact on your health, self-esteem, and relationships both professional and personal. Whether it’s the shape or color of your teeth, the gaps between or... Continue Reading