Dental Implants

Check Out History of Outstanding Dental Implants Chicago!

How long have you been aware of dental implants? Chicago area patients sometimes question whether it’s a new and somewhat experimental practice in dentistry. Relieve your fears today. Did you know dental implants are the most thoroughly researched procedure in the history of dentistry? The process of purposely implanting titanium in bone with the intent of rooting prosthetic teeth began in 1965! Does that surprise you? Its popularity really began to grow in 1981 when... Continue Reading

Arrest Shrinking Gums with Dental Implants in Elgin!

Clothes become ill fitting when one loses weight, much as dentures do from loss of bone density. Dental implants offer Elgin residents an exciting alternative however! Why not promote the strengthening of your bones rather than contribute to their depletion? How can this be done? Unlike dentures that put pressure and stress on top of the gums and jaw bone, “in-the-bone” dental implants are actually surrounded by bone, and the chewing forces transfer pressures into the bone, much like teeth do.... Continue Reading

Filling the Void with Dental Implants in Elgin

Did you undergo a root canal a number of years ago, only to have that tooth now fracture and require removal? Learn about dental implants from our Elgin professionals at Smile for Life Dental. Your options aren’t limited to choosing a bridge or partial. Teeth that have had root canals can fracture more easily than other teeth because they are somewhat “hollowed out”, which obviously has a weakening effect. They can also become somewhat dehydrated, making... Continue Reading

Dental Implants Thrill Elgin Residents

A stunning innovation known as dental implants gives Elgin area residents a fantastic alternative for replacing missing teeth! What do you know about dental implants? Dr. Lodding at Smile for Life Dental has discerned that many patients are reluctant to accept a procedure they're unfamiliar with, so let’s make it understandable! A natural tooth consists of two parts: the part you see above your gums (the crown) and the part you don’t see beneath the gums (the... Continue Reading

Regain your Confidence with Dental Implants in Elgin

No one wants to lose a tooth. However, if because of poor oral hygiene, an injury to the jaw, or other causes, an extraction has been necessary, dental implants in Elgin may be the best option to regain your smile! Dental implants offer those who have lost their teeth a more aesthetic looking replacement that function like natural teeth. Dental implants can greatly... Continue Reading

Dental Implants in Elgin: The Permanent Solution for Missing Teeth

In the past, the most common ways to replace missing teeth was with dentures or bridges. These days, the most ideal option for tooth replacement is with dental implants. Elgin residents' teeth may be lost for many different reasons. Whether due to accident or oral diseases, having one or more missing teeth can be both embarrassing and a concern for the functionality of your mouth. Dental implants are direct replacement for the teeth you were... Continue Reading

A Beautiful New Set of Teeth with Dental Implants!

Elgin dentist, Dr. Lodding, and our team at Smile for Life Dental finds there isn't a more ideal way to replace missing teeth than with the use of dental implants. Many find that replacing their missing teeth is important for aesthetic reasons, and may turn to other alternatives, such as dentures or bridges. While these replacement options can do wonders for your appearance, they don't necessarily pose any benefits to the health of your mouth... Continue Reading

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants by our Elgin dentist, Dr. Lodding, are among one of the best choices available. Dental implants are the most natural way to replace missing teeth, by acting as a direct replacement for the root of your tooth. To many, dental implants have been a life-saver, offering a sturdy foundation for your jawbone, and a new set of teeth that appear just as the ones you were... Continue Reading

3D Animation Of A Dental Implant

Have you thought about getting dental implants, but want to learn more about the process before setting up an appointment? We can help! We recently came across a great, informative 3D animation of the dental implant process. Take some time to watch this video to learn about it now: Are you ready to improve your smile with the help of dental implants? Contact us today! We'd love to help.

Are Dental Implants The Right Choice For You?

Modern dentistry has been revolutionized by the unique restorative qualities of dental implants. Elgin based Smile for Life Dental is proud to offer this service to our valued clients thanks to close collaboration with an area oral surgeon. Some of the awesome benefits of dental implants for Elgin area residents include: Dental implants are long lasting; in fact, they are considered a permanent restoration. Unlike alternative treatment options, implants require no drilling on adjacent teeth.... Continue Reading